Rental Pricing

Jet Ski Rentals San Diego - Rental Pricing 1

Rental pricing is one of the first details clients want to know before committing to renting a personal water craft. This is because, most want to know the exact price upfront before renting a water vehicle, especially if vacationing with a family where more than one rental is needed. To know that you’re not being overcharged for the same product, we provide pricing to our clients who contact us through the contact form found on our website. This will not only help you budget your trip, but also understand how our rental services work before you arrive.


What makes our rental pricing so different than our competitors, is that we’re super affordable. We want our clients to use our rentals to enjoy their time on vacation, not to run the bank dry or use their holiday money on one activity. Therefore, we make our rental services so affordable and convenient, that you’ll have a hard time finding our level of quality and customer service with any other rental company in the area. We believe in making memories and experiences, not overcharging for them.

Rent by the Hour

Interested in renting by the hour? No problem! Our rental services are typically calculated on a per-hour rate so you know how much you're getting and for how long. We recommend clients contacting us ahead of time to schedule and book a rental if they know how long they'd want to rent it to avoid crossing rental periods with another client. The summer and Spring Break tend to be our busiest times for rentals, so if you know that you'll need to rent 2 – 3 water crafts during this time, it's best to have a reservation to ensure that your needs are completely met.


Another perk that clients enjoy when renting with us is that our Jet Ski rentals and WaveRunner rentals in San Diego are convenient and available to those staying in surrounding areas as well. We make sure to stock an inventory of rentals that gives everyone equal access and availability to our services, regardless if you’re staying in San Diego or if you’re closer to the coast in Mission Bay. Our available rental services don’t stop there, as we’re easy to find and get in contact with for the duration of your vacation!


Our range of inventory means that you're easily able to find a specific model of Jet Ski, WaveRunner, or Sea-Doo that you're looking for. Clients can oftentimes remember the water craft they once rode that was so smooth and effortless, it made their journey on the water that much more enjoyable. We can help clients find that model through our inventory and can assist with getting you one that fits your personal needs and preferences. All you have to do is let us know in advance and we'll be sure to reserve one to your liking or have it ready for you when you're ready to pick it up.