Mission Bay Jet Ski Rentals

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If you're vacationing in the Mission Bay area, why not spend the afternoon on a rented Jet Ski to feel like you're flying through the ocean? Our Jet Ski rentals are available in and around the Mission Bay area and can be returned whenever your rental period comes to a close. Scoot around the mini-peninsula or hop from coast to coast with one of our Jet Ski or WaveRunner rentals and you’ll be in for a real treat!

Types of Jet Skis Available

There are a few common types of water crafts available, depending on your use and need for them. For those that simply want to stroll along the ocean, you'll want a light to standard recreational water craft. For those that want to zoom past all the others, you'll want a performance or sports vehicle instead. WaveRunners can serve such a purpose, while a standard Jet Ski might be more suitable to young adults and those riding with children, or if it’s their first time on a water craft.

Trusted Instructors

Along with our trusted rentals, we also employ a team of trusted instructors. If this is your first time renting a water craft or operating a vehicle in that capacity, you’ll need some instruction on how to do so. We’re able to provide this and more! Before jetting off into the ocean, we’ll show you how to stop and go on your water craft, how to understand what the signals mean and operate them, as well as any strange noises to look out for, how to ride waves, or what to do when a larger boat comes within the vicinity. We will also provide you with lifejackets and information on what to do in case of an emergency and you need to abandon the water craft at sea.

On Duty Advisers

Our on-duty advisers are around at all times during your rental to make sure things run smoothly and you don't have any issues. This is not only for your safety but also for those around you. If you get a rental on the water and find that it is out of gasoline or having motor issues, we'll be right there on call to quickly retrieve you or come to you with a solution. We never leave our clients stranded or in need of assistance because one of our vehicles has failed them.


Our professionalism is unbeatable and makes clients trust us more with rental services. We know that renting a new vehicle can be challenging if you aren’t sure what it’s supposed to cost or how it’s supposed to operate. To make our services even more professional and legitimate, we provide you with all the details needed to have a safe and smooth rental period and to thoroughly enjoy the vehicle you’ve paid for! Our team is highly professional in terms of customer service and assistance, so you can approach us for anything you need regarding our rental services.