Coronado Jet Ski Rentals

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If you’re venturing out of San Diego or simply staying in Coronado for your holiday, you’re in luck with the endless coastlines and pristine waterfronts. Why not take advantage of the beautiful waters and fresh breeze with a Jet Ski or WaveRunner? Feel your hair flowing in the wind and the little rush of adrenaline on one of our superior rentals in Coronado! With ease and convenience, our rentals in Coronado can be yours in no time!

Friendly Service

Our friendly service is what makes clients returning for our rentals year after year. We consistently welcome back families and individuals who visit Coronado on an annual basis and are always looking for a good time on the water. Our friendly service is guaranteed to deliver that, as we have a team of welcoming and ecstatic Jet Ski pros who are able to help you find the rental you're looking for to make your vacation a little better. When you decide to rent with us, you're not just another customer, you're our friend!

Weather Conditions

Another thing to take into account when renting a water vehicle from us is the current weather conditions. While the weather in San Diego is typically quite pleasant and clear all year round, severe weather conditions or ocean tides may make it unsafe to ride the waters. Before allowing our clients to rent a Jet Ski of any sort, we always check with local officials to make sure the weather conditions are suitable for water sports. If we believe there to be unsafe conditions or a threat to your security, we’ll advise against renting a Jet Ski for the day or until the weather passes.


When you’re considering renting a Jet Ski from our Coronado location, as with any other location, you’ll need to ensure that you sign a waiver to protect you while renting. Our waivers are distributed before you are able to ride away with one of our rentals. Included in our waivers are the terms and conditions of renting with us, as well as a health and safety check to ensure that you're competent and able to drive and rent one of our vehicles. We'll also require waivers from minors or those that are going to be driving with without an adult present.


Your comfort is what matters most when you're renting a Jet Ski from us. We want you to feel comfortable on the vehicle that you're on and we'll be sure to give you all of the information available so you're aware of how to operate the vehicle. If you want a pro to ride with you part of the way or show you how to drive over bigger waves, we can easily do so before you're off on a Jet Ski on your own. If you’d like a smaller vehicle or one that’s bigger to better seat you, then we’ve got a range that will make you feel comfortable for the duration of your rental period!